Culinary delight

Chestnuts, known as “Keschde” in local dialect, are the special ingredient in a local special version of a rather traditional delicacy: the “Saumagen” dish that used to be Helmut Kohl’s favourite meal. We’ll offer your palate quite a bit of contrast, because this is what also characterizes the region: You’ll get Handkäs’ cheese from Heppenheim, Grünkern grain from the Odenwälder Freilandmuseum museum and chocolates made behind the thick walls of the fortress on Dilsberg mountain. You’ll get top-quality wines produced in the region’s four wine-growing areas and Camembert from the Kirchenkäserei cheese dairy in Sindolsheim that brings together people just as much as milk, rennet and salt.

Stollen varieties made in the Odenwald

Paying a visit to Siegfried Brenneis, a Stollen sweet-bread baker from Mudau

Savoury delight

A visit to the Ludwigshafen Dampfnudel frying shop.

Dainty delight

Ellen Müller and Rainer Stadler founded the ‘Quittenprojekt Bergstraße.’

A good vintage

Priest Bernhard Braun works an old vineyard with the Deidesheim parish youth.

Sweet paradise

The Heidelberger Zuckerladen sweet shop has a lot to offer beyond pick and mix.


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