Culinary delight

Chestnuts, known as “Keschde” in local dialect, are the special ingredient in a local special version of a rather traditional delicacy: the “Saumagen” dish that used to be Helmut Kohl’s favourite meal. We’ll offer your palate quite a bit of contrast, because this is what also characterizes the region: You’ll get Handkäs’ cheese from Heppenheim, Grünkern grain from the Odenwälder Freilandmuseum museum and chocolates made behind the thick walls of the fortress on Dilsberg mountain. You’ll get top-quality wines produced in the region’s four wine-growing areas and Camembert from the Kirchenkäserei cheese dairy in Sindolsheim that brings together people just as much as milk, rennet and salt.

Artisan bread manufacturer

Weinheim-based master baker Michael Kress takes new directions to go back to old quality standards.

Crunchy and creamy and so fresh

The Schokokuss sweets from the Trauth confectionery factory in Herxheim are popular far beyond the Palatinate region.


The Klar Seifen soap manufactory is the oldest of its kind in Germany.

Foamy craftsmanship

The Mayer private brewery in Oggersheim brews beer in the traditional way.

What the “bleat” is going on?!

The Meckerei in Landau makes delicious products from goat’s milk

Stollen varieties made in the Odenwald

Paying a visit to Siegfried Brenneis, a Stollen sweet-bread baker from Mudau

Savoury delight

A visit to the Ludwigshafen Dampfnudel frying shop.

Dainty delight

Ellen Müller and Rainer Stadler founded the ‘Quittenprojekt Bergstraße.’

A good vintage

Priest Bernhard Braun works an old vineyard with the Deidesheim parish youth.

Sweet paradise

The Heidelberger Zuckerladen sweet shop has a lot to offer beyond pick and mix.

The taste of Christmas

Visiting the world champion in gingerbread baking and local of Mannheim, Konrad Friedmann.

Big Cheese

A special community is ripened in Sindolsheim —made of milk, rennet and salt.

Sour Drops

In Venningen, grapes are harvested only when they have nearly become raisins—to enable special vinegar to be made from them.

Palatinate Perfume

Herbs for tea have recently been cultivated in the municipality of Ruppertsberg.

Capturing it as it is

Joëlle Oechsle takes photographs of old-established businesses in Ludwigshafen

Crossover, Castle and Chocolate

Zu Besuch in der Chocolaterie von Eva Heß auf dem Dilsberg

A decent talk with Emma

A ferry trip on the Altrheinfähre from Friesenheimer Insel island to Sandhofen

Time off, on rails

A trip through the Forest of Odes via a solar powered rail trolley.

To give us cheer, God made beer!

The BrauArt factory – Craft beer tradition from Grünstadt.

Palatinate spirits

The South Palatinate wine-growing estate Weingut Stern explores new avenues with its ‘44 Star Gin’.

The salutary South

The Südpfalz Therme spa – where the Petronella-Quelle spring bubbles.

Real and tangible

The Luisenpark in Mannheim – a place for encounter.

The cooking baker

The young Palatinate star chef Benjamin Peifer

Home port

Aboard the passenger ship "Kurpfalz" in Mannheim harbour.

Two left Wellingtons and good drops

The wine-growing business of the life support Bad Dürkheim - a special family business.


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