Sometimes, we see blue—preferably in the town of Schwetzingen. It is the first and only town in Germany that has a museum dedicated entirely to this one colour. The Rhine-Neckar region offers more than 230 exhibition buildings plus 110 big or small theatres and innumerable concerts and festivals. This is a great starting point to get ready for your next after-work activity—using our stories and event tips: What do “new music” concerts in the Heidelberg Tankturm tower sound like, or poems written in Palatine dialect? We take you to the inside of old cinemas and new spaces for culture, or into the local graffiti scene.

A theatre in the bend

A small place offering great stage art in Neustadt-Hambach


Torsten Rau manages the office of the Magischer Zirkel in Lampertheim.

Homeless, unrecognised, yet admired

The writer Augusta Bender is revered in Schefflenz.

The Lady of Crimeheim

Crime novelist Ingrid Noll leads visitors through Wein-heim on an audio guide tour

A house that opens up spaces

How the barac project attracts artists to Mannheim


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