Paradise is in Frankenthal. Can’t believe it? Well, then, come along to the “Pfalz Rock” vertical paradise for climbers and bring your children. We then move on to little, great clowns in “Paletti” circus in Mannheim, before we discover the animals of the Margaretenschlucht ravine. Finally, we validate a ticket and take a tour across the Palatinate with a steam locomotive as well as a journey into the history of mobility. Enjoy our excursion tips for the whole family.

An adventure below ground

Paying a visit to the Marie in der Kohlbach mine near Weinheim

Between merry-go-grounds and wolf enclosures

Discovering the Kurpfalz-Park near Wachenheim

Pitching in the wilderness

Going on a trekking tour in the Palatinate Forest

Biking and riddling

The Smart Pfad track in the Odenwald explains how the world works.


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