Paradise is in Frankenthal. Can’t believe it? Well, then, come along to the “Pfalz Rock” vertical paradise for climbers and bring your children. We then move on to little, great clowns in “Paletti” circus in Mannheim, before we discover the animals of the Margaretenschlucht ravine. Finally, we validate a ticket and take a tour across the Palatinate with a steam locomotive as well as a journey into the history of mobility. Enjoy our excursion tips for the whole family.

Under the starry sky

On a journey into space at the Mannheim Planetarium

The world as a classroom

Children learn surrounded by nature and real-life at the Draußenschule outdoor school in Ladenburg.

An adventure below ground

Paying a visit to the Marie in der Kohlbach mine near Weinheim

Between merry-go-grounds and wolf enclosures

Discovering the Kurpfalz-Park near Wachenheim

Pitching in the wilderness

Going on a trekking tour in the Palatinate Forest

Biking and riddling

The Smart Pfad track in the Odenwald explains how the world works.

A journey into a heated future

Climate change becomes tangible in the Klima Arena in Sinsheim

Sweet paradise

The Heidelberger Zuckerladen sweet shop has a lot to offer beyond pick and mix.

Climbing through geological history

Discovering the Margaretenschlucht ravine close to Neckargerach with children

Time off, on rails

A trip through the Forest of Odes via a solar powered rail trolley.

The Natural History Museum of the Palatinate

Devotion and passion – The POLLICHIA Museum in Bad Dürkheim.

Real and tangible

The Luisenpark in Mannheim – a place for encounter.

Home port

Aboard the passenger ship "Kurpfalz" in Mannheim harbour.

Jump for joy in Mannheim

Tilo Bender has performed quite a feat of skill with his Paletti circus in Mannheim.

The mountain calls

Have a beastly good time at the Bergtierpark Fürth, the mountain zoo in Fürth.

Great things set in train

Michael Schuhmacher’s large miniature world in the Odenwald.

Life on the stud farm

Jette Zollmann continues the Kurgestüt Hoher Odenwald with 400 horses. The mares on the stud farm milk well—and live a life without halters or saddles ...

The young bulls from Heidelberg

A young elephant bulls’ living community in Heidelberg

The vertical paradise

An exceptional talent: Michel Siedler climbs with the big ones – to the top.


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