Do you love reading stories from and about history? Well, here you go: The Rhine-Neckar region offers three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, more than 200 castles and palaces—and innumerable stories thereof. We follow the traces of the Celts and Romans, the Salic dynasty and St. James pilgrims. We take you to one of the oldest European Jewish cemeteries in Worms and show you the place, where princes in the Bergstraße region used to love taking their breakfast. We invite you to explore Lost Places through the lens of a camera and find old-established businesses.

Princely music’s in the air

The hall for courtly music in Mannheim Palace

Memories coined in enamel

We go on a journey through time in the Little Museum for Old Shops and Advertisements in Hammelbach

Where art learns to swim

A reservoir for fire fighting operations has become a concert stage: Thomas Grommes has reinvented the Ludwigshafen indoor swimming pool.

Hats off!

At over 80 years of age, Richard Lang still runs a hat atelier in the town of Walldürn.

An architect equipped with a saw and a scalpel

Lutz Kuhl makes impressive mangers in Annweiler


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