Do you love reading stories from and about history? Well, here you go: The Rhine-Neckar region offers three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, more than 200 castles and palaces—and innumerable stories thereof. We follow the traces of the Celts and Romans, the Salic dynasty and St. James pilgrims. We take you to one of the oldest European Jewish cemeteries in Worms and show you the place, where princes in the Bergstraße region used to love taking their breakfast. We invite you to explore Lost Places through the lens of a camera and find old-established businesses.

Oh, hear now the mill by the babbling brook!

Jasmin Brauch from Hardheim is a twelfth-generation miller.

Walther in a Memory of the World

The Codex Manesse stored in Heidelberg is one of the most important books in the world.

Stony Witnesses

Tracing the Celts near Bad Dürkheim

On the roofs of Europe

The tile-making museum in Jockgrim tells a story from industrial history in the Palatinate.

Homeless, unrecognised, yet admired

The writer Augusta Bender is revered in Schefflenz.

Preserving traditions and creating a new shine

Tobias and Christian Pfeifer are shingle makers in the Odenwald.

Magical medicine

The German Pharmacy Museum in Heidelberg provides insights into the history of pharmacy.

Experiencing peace and quiet

Jaroslaw Krzewicki runs a guesthouse in the former convent in Esthal.

The floating church

Shipping on the Rhine and Neckar rivers with the ship pastor Anne Ressel

A house that opens up spaces

How the barac project attracts artists to Mannheim

A playful journey into the past

Uwe Groll recreates the world of the Bing company in the Freinsheim Toy Museum.

Saving a piece of history

The Haus zum Maulbeerbaum building embodies Landau’s history.

An adventure below ground

Paying a visit to the Marie in der Kohlbach mine near Weinheim

The Gleisweiler health shower

An unusual piece of the history of medicine waits for you in Hainbachtal.

Path-breaking roads

Germersheim tells us the history of locomotion.

Chambers packed with curiosities

The Langbein Museum in Hirschhorn displays local history in a unique way

Four walls and a patch of land

Paying a visit to the Eiermann-Magnani-Haus in Buchen.

Princely music’s in the air

The hall for courtly music in Mannheim Palace

Memories coined in enamel

We go on a journey through time in the Little Museum for Old Shops and Advertisements in Hammelbach

Where art learns to swim

A reservoir for fire fighting operations has become a concert stage: Thomas Grommes has reinvented the Ludwigshafen indoor swimming pool.

Hats off!

At over 80 years of age, Richard Lang still runs a hat atelier in the town of Walldürn.

An architect equipped with a saw and a scalpel

Lutz Kuhl makes impressive mangers in Annweiler

Little Odenwald, Great myths

Miriam and Peter Seisler collect legends in their home region

Harvest, Build and Live like in the Middle Ages

On a journey through time in the Histotainment Park Adventon in the Bauland region

Casting Light on Time

Locals in the Hessian town of Birkenau run out the clock.


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