B as in bouldering, M as in motor racing, W as in water-skiing: The range of sporting opportunities and disciplines in the Rhine-Neckar region is vast. But let’s be honest: Have you ever played soccergolf or been on a trail running tour with an expert? There are more than 2,700 clubs here, including a couple of first-league teams such as the Adler Mannheim ice hockey players and the Rhein-Neckar Löwen and TSG Friesenheim handball players. We take you to hiking trails, boules grounds and to the Mannheim SAP Arena. We show you where to best explore the region with a bicycle on Regionalpark routes. And sometimes, we tell sports stories that happen in fairy-tales: Like the one about a businessman, who gave the club in his hometown a stadium as a present—the one of the TSG 1899 Hoffenheim in Sinsheim.

Sports for all

Athletes with severe physical impairments play hockey in the Torpedo Ladenburg team.

The Mannheim bicycle collective

Basement Bikes in Mannheim gets people rolling.


A derby with the Rhein-Neckar Delta Quads

Ice Age

We follow the Pawasserat family into the ice sports centre in Mannheim

Pitching in the wilderness

Going on a trekking tour in the Palatinate Forest

Uphill towards magnificent views

Riding on a mountain bike through the vineyards and woods of the Southern Palatinate.

Flying through town

Tim Weickenmeier practices parkour and trains others to learn this skill in Mannheim

Home to racing horses

Discover a unique, professional racing stable behind the turf track in the Mannheim part of town known as Seckenheim.

On 40 paws across the Maulbeeraue meadow

A ride outside of the town of Lampertheim on a dog sled

At the home grounds of the blue-and-white seedbed

Inside the stadium in Sinsheim, the Dietmar-Hopp-Stadion of the TSG Hoffenheim club

Zip zip hooray!

Im Ziplinepark Elmstein den Wald neu entdecken.

Pack your hiking pants

Swimming in the woods in the Palatinate – strength and peace in nature.

The ball is a boule

Joie de vivre in the Palatinate—with Pétanque.

Jump for joy in Mannheim

Tilo Bender has performed quite a feat of skill with his Paletti circus in Mannheim.

Granite gems

Across the Felsenmeer and the Riesenstein formation—Odenwald is a boulderers’ paradise.

WO SONST movie clip: Our man on the ice

Referee Marcus Brill: eagles are bound by his whistle.

Our man on the ice

Referee Marcus Brill: eagles are bound by his whistle.

When the west wind blows

Rolf Rinklin flies whenever he wants to feel free as a bird and when the wind’s blowing from the west.

Get a kick out of soccergolf

How Alex Kober gets the soccergolf ball rolling in the Palatinate town of Dirmstein.

Life is an adventure

Working with the fun factor: Wolfgang Giersch runs an adventure park in the south-Palatinate of Kandel.

Tarmac dreams

Hockenheimring intensively: with the Renntaxi!

The heritage of the Crane

Palatine wrestling culture: Coach Markus Scherer conditions for Olympia in Schifferstadt.

The vertical paradise

An exceptional talent: Michel Siedler climbs with the big ones – to the top.

Fold me up, Scotty

650 folding bikes. Altitude of 470 meters. The palatinate "Kalmit-Klapprad-Cup" is the essence of the folding bike movement.


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