Close to the water

We show you where you can enjoy time out to breathe and where water sports is great fun.

Where the storks live

Irrigation of the Queich river meadows in the Southern Palatinate is part of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Living with the water nearby

The Leben am Strom museum and information centre in Neupotz

Through the Silence

Out and about on the Old Rhine near Germersheim

The floating church

Shipping on the Rhine and Neckar rivers with the ship pastor Anne Ressel

The Gleisweiler health shower

An unusual piece of the history of medicine waits for you in Hainbachtal.

Where art learns to swim

A reservoir for fire fighting operations has become a concert stage: Thomas Grommes has reinvented the Ludwigshafen indoor swimming pool.

Tracing millers

The Mühlenrundweg, the circular mills trail, in Heppenheim leads up to a distant past that has almost fallen into oblivion

Diving in between Palatinate corals

Abtauchen im Sea Life Speyer

A decent talk with Emma

A ferry trip on the Altrheinfähre from Friesenheimer Insel island to Sandhofen

Guardian of buildings

Hilde Seibert tells the stories of industrial architecture.

Glides over the water

Christian Antoni is making waves: the German water ski champion trains on Lake Kiefweiher near Ludwigshafen.


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