A “digital travel guide” with stories, inspiration and information for your vacation and discovery trips in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region.

World-famous sights, culturally vibrant cities, breathtaking landscapes and forests, renowned wine-growing areas, first-rate restaurants and country inns, a lovely sun-kissed climate and accommodation options ranging from five star hotels to bead and breakfasts.

The Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region has a lot to offer. But what makes it so unique is the people who live here – with their history, their stories, their cultural and regional identity.

In WHERE ELSE we talk about emotional, enriching and unforgettable moments taken home from excursions. We talk about encounters with extraordinary people who live in the cities on the Rhine and Neckar or in little villages in the countryside – from the Odenwald bordering Bavaria through to the Southern Palatinate region at the French border.

For WHERE ELSE, authors from the region are out and about travelling the region. Travelling to people, places and cultures and to a regional attitude towards life. A regional road movie magazine. With surprising insights and outlooks, reflections and a sense of being at home.

Every month there are new topics for you to discover. Your WHERE ELSE editorial team wishes you lots of fun reading and discovering.