Tracing millers

The Mühlenrundweg, the circular mills trail, in Heppenheim leads up to a distant past that has almost fallen into oblivion

Film magicians

How pictures began to move is shown in Deidesheim.

9,000 books and a fool

How Buchen remembers the Jews of the town

A decent talk with Emma

A ferry trip on the Altrheinfähre from Friesenheimer Insel island to Sandhofen

The Romans’ heritage

The Romans museum in Osterburken – History as vividly as possible …

Back to the future

800 years of traditional half-timbered architecture in Mosbach.

The Chronicler

True treasures adorn the Staufian monastery church in Lobenfeld.

Get a true feel for the Odenwald

Margarete Sauer makes us feel, smell and taste the history of the Odenwald open-air museum in Gottersdorf.

Where the wild roosters crow

No lame ducks: German rooster-crowing contest in the Palatinate town of Göcklingen

Where the wild dragons are

Stories and dragons: Castle Lindenfels in the Odenwald.

Did you know that the Homo Heidelbergensis …

was an ancestor of the Neanderthal and lived near Heidelberg?

Did you know that a man from the Southern Palatinate region …

created Santa Claus?

Did you know that Lorsch …

was once one of the most important cities north of the Alps?