Woolly workers for rural conservation

In the fields with shepherdess Anne Mottl in the Palatinate Forest

The Lord of the Chimes

Ears indicate the way forward on the sonorous trail in Hammelbach

Palatinate Perfume

Herbs for tea have recently been cultivated in the municipality of Ruppertsberg.

Pictures encapsulated in a time capsule

Vivien Räbiger takes photographs of Lost Places in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region and elsewhere.

Witnesses made of stone

Little religious shrines in the Odenwald bear witness to faith and good luck.

Sauntering Just for Fun in the Summer Breeze

Stefan Jagenteufl uncovers the beauty of the olden days in the Fürstenlager in Bensheim

Strolling with Poetry

Taking a walk down poetry lane in Edenkoben

The world of birds in one park

The locals of Schifferstadt have given themselves the gift of a park accommodating some 400 animals

Diving in between Palatinate corals

Abtauchen im Sea Life Speyer

The Fruits of Change

On the test fields of the Gartenakademie Rheinland-Pfalz

Elevating up to happiness

Out and about along the Skulpturenradweg cycle track in the Bauland and Odenwald regions

The green pharmacy

A perfect little world – the Weinheim castles medicinal herb garden.

Castles connect the region

The Burgensteig - a hiking trail back in time.

A chess game with perennials

The Ebertpark in the city of Ludwigshafen - a park in flux.

Where mythical creatures live

Over 100 species of animals and a unique director: Everything is fabulous at Landau Zoo.

Everything for the green grain

A local specialty in Bauland - for over 350 years.

Spiny love

Experience the blooming season in “Kakteenland” – Cactus Land – in Steinfeld in the Southern Palatinate region.

The star above Heidelberg

Heavenly perspectives—the Center for Astronomy, “Haus der Astronomie,” on top of Königstuhl mountain.

The mountain calls

Have a beastly good time at the Bergtierpark Fürth, the mountain zoo in Fürth.

Lord of the perennials

Prof. Cassian Schmidt is director of an exceptional garden in Weinheim — where plants push to their limits.

Life on the stud farm

Jette Zollmann continues the Kurgestüt Hoher Odenwald with 400 horses. The mares on the stud farm milk well—and live a life without halters or saddles ...

Out of Rülzheim

Germany’s oldest ostrich farm, the Mhou Farm of Christoph Kistner and Uschi Braun

Each visit becomes a ritual

Heidelberg’s inhabitants have loved their botanical garden for more than 400 years.

The Ox Tour

Peter Hiery´s Ox Tour in southern Palatinate´s town St. Martin.

Of forests, dunes and mussels

Out and about in the Southern Palatinate “Bienwald”

Geographic Park

Across the Geo-Naturepark Bergstrasse-Odenwald

The Potato Cult

The "German Potato Museum" in Fußgönheim is unique - just like his new head Ludwig von Heyl.

In the cosmos of reptiles

Uwe Wünstel runs Europe’s biggest reptile zoo

The chestnut wonder

The man who wants to take the chestnut to the next level.

The saviours of the meadow orchards

The meadow orchards of the Bergstraße district have characterised the landscape for centuries.

Light in the dark

More than 3.5 million visitors have already dived into the stalactite cave world of Eberstadt, the so called „Höhlenwelten“.