Singing hands

The sign choir ‘Voice Hands’ from Frankenthal.

Heidelberg’s colourful murals

The street art project Metropolink refreshes Heidelberg.

The Palatinate in focus

Hans-Georg Merkel, photographer and globetrotter based in the Palatinate region.

All is well in the Steingasse

A place in the old town of Heidelberg, that could not be more individual.

Tarmac dreams

Hockenheimring intensively: with the Renntaxi!

Where the streets have no names

A special place in the East of Mannheim.

Where the world was set into motion

The history of modern mobility begins in Mannheim

The vertical paradise

An exceptional talent: Michel Siedler climbs with the big ones – to the top.

Fold me up, Scotty

650 folding bikes. Altitude of 470 meters. The palatinate "Kalmit-Klapprad-Cup" is the essence of the folding bike movement.

Dreams made of concrete

The Swiss architect Beat Consoni created an exposed concrete building in Mannheim

The gardener of ideas

Well grounded: Urban gardening in the garden of the Hackmuseum in Ludwigshafen.