Culture & History

Film magicians

How pictures began to move is shown in Deidesheim.

Strolling with Poetry

Taking a walk down poetry lane in Edenkoben

Curtain Call for the ‘Olympia’

Paying a visit to one of the region’s last village cinemas

9,000 books and a fool

How Buchen remembers the Jews of the town

DIY Construction Kit Church

One of the most remarkable places of worship in Germany is situated in the city of Mannheim.

Reverberating workshop walls

The KlangForum ensemble fills the Heidelberg Tankturm with the sound of music

Capturing it as it is

Joëlle Oechsle takes photographs of old-established businesses in Ludwigshafen

A visit to happy villagers

How Hirschlanden in the Odenwald is building its future

Colourful Picture Book Town

A walk through the history of graffiti in Mannheim

Crossover, Castle and Chocolate

Zu Besuch in der Chocolaterie von Eva Heß auf dem Dilsberg

Elevating up to happiness

Out and about along the Skulpturenradweg cycle track in the Bauland and Odenwald regions

Mr Schuth sees blue

A museum in the town of Schwetzingen shows the facets of a special colour

Where our past ist our presence

Dr. Anne Mahn preserves everydays culture at the TECHNOSEUM Mannheim.

The Natural History Museum of the Palatinate

Devotion and passion – The POLLICHIA Museum in Bad Dürkheim.

No smoke without fire

The Lorsch Tobacco Museum – an exclusive and pleasurable experience.

A legendary town

1000 years Worms – beyond chain mail and Valkyries.

The Mystery of Herxheim

Museum Herxheim - an exciting Stone Age thriller.

The Romans’ heritage

The Romans museum in Osterburken – History as vividly as possible …

White gold

A declaration of love - Frankenthal porcelain art in the Erkenbert-Museum.

A journey into a different world

Timo Heiny’s ‘Hofgut Holzmühle’ mill estate in the Southern Palatinate town of Westheim

The memory of the Palatinate

The Historical Museum in Speyer makes history tangible.

Back to the future

800 years of traditional half-timbered architecture in Mosbach.

The Castle calls

Guided tours through time in Heidelberg Castle.

Where Europe starts

The cradle of German democracy: Hambach Castle.

Stories from the cabinet of curiosities

In March 2018, the former “Ochsenpferchbunker” in Mannheim will become the MARCHIVUM.

The Chronicler

True treasures adorn the Staufian monastery church in Lobenfeld.

Get a true feel for the Odenwald

Margarete Sauer makes us feel, smell and taste the history of the Odenwald open-air museum in Gottersdorf.

From humble beginnings come great painters

Worth seeing: the birthplaces of the painters Anselm Feuerbach and Hans Purrmann in Speyer.

The Troy of the Palatinate Region

Jörg Seitz and the underground movement of Landau.

Roots into the future

Susanne Urban wants to designate the jewish heritage from Speyer, Worms and Mainz as a world heritage site.

Water into the City

How Frank Sobirey commits himself to the concerns of his home town.

The garden and the pleasure of leisure

The palace garden in Schwetzingen has many stories to tell - even from people who take care of it.

Where the future thinks

How Klaus Kufeld constructed a unique monument in honour of the Ludwigshafen philosopher Ernst Bloch.

Hot stuff

How Benno Münch made an old smithy in the Palatinate Forest come to life again.

Modest Silence

A quiet place in a world full of noises – Speyer Cathedral

Palatinate sea breeze

Sea air in the Palatinate

Past meets future

The Guttenberg Castle in the Neckar valley.

A palace waiting for the wake-up kiss

Castle Herrnsheim is unique in it´s own way.

Steam in the Palatinate

For both musical instruments and steam boilers, this man has a safe pair of hands: Ralf Rudolph.

Where the wild dragons are

Stories and dragons: Castle Lindenfels in the Odenwald.

The peaceful fortress

More than 20 years tour guide Kurt Burger tells the story of the fortress in Germersheim.

Queens from the Odenwald

Hans-Georg and Johannes Vleugels run one of Germany’s biggest pipe organ manufacturing companies in the Odenwald.

The Father and art

Ein Dominikater-Pater und zwei New Yorker Künstler leben in Worms die "Freiheit der Kunst".

Guardian of buildings

Hilde Seibert tells the stories of industrial architecture.

The Centre of the Universe

How Louis von Adelsheim turned a small town in the Odenwald - into an overall work of art.

The Experiment

Claus Kroppbauer wanted to become a farmer as a child. Then archaeologist. Today he is both in Lauresheim.