2018 February

Where else would we want to be.

Stories about people who live here. Where else...

A decent talk with Emma

A ferry trip on the Altrheinfähre from Friesenheimer Insel island to Sandhofen

Pack your hiking pants

Swimming in the woods in the Palatinate – strength and peace in nature.

Time off, on rails

A trip through the Forest of Odes via a solar powered rail trolley.

The green pharmacy

A perfect little world – the Weinheim castles medicinal herb garden.

The Castle calls

Guided tours through time in Heidelberg Castle.

WO SONST movie clip: Our man on the ice

Referee Marcus Brill: eagles are bound by his whistle.

The star above Heidelberg

Heavenly perspectives—the Center for Astronomy, “Haus der Astronomie,” on top of Königstuhl mountain.

The young Southern Palatinates

The young Southern Palatinate - A new generation of ambitioned winegrowers.

Where Europe starts

The cradle of German democracy: Hambach Castle.