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Where else would we want to be.

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Where the future thinks

How Klaus Kufeld constructed a unique monument in honour of the Ludwigshafen philosopher Ernst Bloch.

Hot stuff

How Benno Münch made an old smithy in the Palatinate Forest come to life again.

The Ox Tour

Peter Hiery´s Ox Tour in southern Palatinate´s town St. Martin.

Each visit becomes a ritual

Heidelberg’s inhabitants have loved their botanical garden for more than 400 years.

Modest Silence

A quiet place in a world full of noises – Speyer Cathedral

A Riesling along with a sea breeze

Sea air in the Palatinate

Culture cruise

On the Neckar with Captain Karl Hofstätter

WO SONST movie clip: Full steam

Ralf Rudolph is a solo tubist at the Staatsphilharmonie – and engine driver

Past meets future

The Guttenberg Castle in the Neckar valley.

A palace waiting for the wake-up kiss

Castle Herrnsheim is unique in it´s own way.

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